7 Best Red Dot Holsters

In the market for the best red dot holsters? If yes, look no further. The market today is saturated with optic-ready holsters and we are here to help you find the ideal model for your red dot sight.

A red dot sight mounted on a handgun offers numerous benefits to the shooter from speedy target acquisition to enhanced accuracy to increased situational awareness. As these optics become more popular on carry pistols, the demand for holsters has also surged. As a result,  manufacturers of firearm accessories now offer purpose-designed holsters to meet the unique needs of every handgun owner out there.

When you find a worthy red dot holster for your handgun, you will have an easy time carrying it in the field and concealing it. This article will explore the best-rated red dot holsters that are uniquely designed and made to ensure a seamless fit for your handgun and optic. These holsters are made with precision and durability in mind to give you value for money. But first, here are the benefits of getting a holster for your optic-ready handgun.

Benefits of Red Dot Holsters

Red dot holsters offer a myriad of benefits to firearm enthusiasts. These benefits include:

Ease of Concealment

Many optic-ready handguns become harder to conceal when a red dot sight is added. However, with a red dot holster, you get superior concealment from better fit and positioning.

Quick Firearm Access

The best red dot holsters offer rapid and easy access to your handgun during critical scenarios.

Added Protection

The delicate design of most red dot sights is protected by holsters during transportation. Most holsters are built with protective features like extra padding and reinforced parts for added protection.

Advanced Retention Systems

Modern red dot sight holsters are designed and built with advanced retention systems to house different levels of retention and ensure that the handgun stays securely in place until it is drawn intentionally.


Most holsters are compatible with a wide range of firearms equipped with red dot sights. With wide compatibility comes greater value for money.

What Makes a Great Red Dot Holster?

Several features make a great red dot holster. They include:

Adjustable Cant

First and foremost, a great red dot holster should have an adjustable cant that gives you the flexibility to carry your firearm at any angle for quick and easy draws.

Red Dot Sight Compatibility

Furthermore, the holster needs to be compatible with the red dot sight you intend to use with your firearm. With the right setup, you will be able to maximize both accuracy and performance.

Durable Construction

A great red dot holster should be durable and well-made with hard-wearing materials to stand the test of time and offer reliable protection for your firearm.

Advanced Retention System

Moreover, the holster should have an advanced and reliable retention system to secure and keep the handgun in place while you move from one location to the other.

Concealable Design

The red dot holster should also provide adequate protection to the firearm and the red dot sight without interfering with their ease of concealment.

Best Red Dot Holsters – Top Picks

1) Safariland 6360RDS Level Three Retention Duty Holster

best red dot holsters



First up, we have the Safariland 6360RDS Level Three Retention Duty Holster. This is a lightweight, portable, and sturdy holster that is specifically designed for firearms with red dot sights mounted on them.

With the slim design, this holster allows firearms to ride closer to the shooter’s body. Furthermore, it has a simple straight-up draw and an automatic locking system that builds on the foundation of the self-locking system to offer Level 3 retention. This holster is also designed to offer level 4 retention with an optional sentry installed.

Another feature that makes it one of the best red dot holsters is its durability. It features SafariLaminate thermoformed construction which is ultra-durable. Other than that, the holster brings to the table an SLS rotating hood closer that allows for a smooth, single-motion draw and additional protection against attempted firearm takeaways.


  • Standard hood guard
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Rotating RDS protective cover
  • Level 3 retention
  • Self-locking system, SLS
  • Level 4 retention with optional Sentry installed
  • Automatic locking system, ALS


  • Durable and well-made
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple, straight-up draw


  • Hard to re-holster

2) DeSantis DS Paddle Holster

best red dot holsters



DeSantis DS Paddle Holster is an excellent addition for gun enthusiasts who are always on the go. It comes with an exceptionally lightweight and compact construction so it’s easy to carry from one point to the other.

The lightweight design is complemented by a superior design that ensures minimum friction between the gun and the holster. As such, you are assured of a smooth draw and re-holster all through.

Moreover, this holster is adjustable for forward to rearward cant. On top of that, it comes with a dual tension device and precise molding to provide the perfect fit for your firearm. Other than that, there is a belt attachment slot with the capacity to fit belts up to 1 3/4″ and provide optimum security to the pistol holster.


  • Premium-quality thermoplastic material
  • Precise molding
  • Adjustable design
  • Belt attachment slot


  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Good value for money
  • Available in both right and left-hand orientations
  • Great fit and comfort


  • A bit heavy

3) BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit Holster

BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit Holster



BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit Non Light Bearing Holster is optimized for versatility. It fits over 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns with an accessory rail. This makes it an ideal option for individuals with multiple handguns.

With this holster, the active retention mechanism locks onto the proprietary rail attachment device instead of the handgun frame. The instinctive thumb release separates the locking mechanism from the rail attachment device when drawing the handgun.

Another stand-out feature of the holster is the free-floating design. It does not come into contact with the frame to prevent wear on the finish. This design also allows debris to fall through freely to reduce jamming.

To top off everything else, the BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit Holster offers level 2 retention and a superior strength-to-weight ratio.


  • True multi-fit
  • Free-floating design
  • Thumb-activated Level 2 retention
  • Adjustable 3-position thumb release
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Right-hand orientation


  • Quality construction
  • Excellent retention
  • Ease of installation
  • Great value for the price


  • Mounts

4) CYTAC OWB Holster



As one of the best red dot holsters, the CYTAC OWB Holster is your ideal option if you are on a tight budget. It is a mega-fit light-bearing holster that is reasonably affordable and made to fit a wide variety of full-size and compact pistols.

The holster has easy operation to ensure a perfect fit. In terms of safety, it offers high Level II retention that locks on the trigger automatically with no sound when you put the firearm. Moreover, the internal screw design helps reduce the risk of falling off.

When it comes to construction, the holster is built to last. It is made with an upgraded military polymer material that enhances smoothness and thickness for a better appearance and strength. The hidden buttons included help keep the flat surface smooth while the skidproof stripes help shooters recognize it through the sense of touch.


  • Level II retention
  • Holster lip to prevent the longer barrel from sticking out
  • High-quality polymer construction
  • 360 degrees tooth gear
  • Skid-proof stripes
  • Hidden buttons
  • Paddle attachment


  • Excellent design
  • Versatile
  • Comfort and quality
  • Excellent fit and appearance


  • Noisy when it rattles around

5) ComfortTac Belly Band Holster

ComfortTac Belly Band


ComfortTac Belly Band Holster is designed to provide protection you can count on. It is one of the most functional belly band holsters on the market and it is available in both left and right-hand draw.

There are multiple ways to wear this comfortable and versatile gun holster. If you are not comfortable with one style, you can switch it to another style with ease. Besides that, it has an imprint-free and bulk-free design to ensure low-key armed.

The retention of this belly band holster is also impressive. It comes with a hard plastic trigger guard and a metal snap retention strap to keep your gear secure. Other than that, it is made from breathable neoprene material that maximizes wear comfort and fits users of different body shapes and sizes.


  • Hard plastic trigger guard
  • Breathable neoprene material
  • Super low-profile EDC
  • Removable pouch
  • Extra-trigger guard protection
  • Left-hand draw


  • Unmatched comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent stability and fit


  • Runs small
  • Durability issues

6) VNSH Gun Holster

VNSH Gun Holster


Here is another high-quality gun holster ideal for both men and women. It is an ideal accessory for concealed carry where it accommodates a wide variety of compact and full-sized handguns.

The selling point of this product is its comfort. It is made with the most comfortable materials to help you conceal your firearm without causing any pain or discomfort to your body. Besides, it is configurable to fit any body type or clothing style.

When it comes to safety, the holster has built-in level-2 retention. It also comes with a built-in magazine pouch to keep your gun magazines at your fingertips and help keep your gear organized and clutter-free.


  • Non-binding Velcro closures
  • Built-in dual magazine pouch
  • Comfortable fabric material
  • Built-in level-2 retention


  • Configurable to fit different body types
  • Unmatched comfort
  • Concealment


  • Cheap Velcro

7) Black Scorpion Gear OWB Paddle Holster

Black Scorpion Gear OWB



Lastly in our list of the best red dot holsters, we have the Black Scorpion Gear OWB Paddle Holster. It is designed to fit a plethora of firearms including GL17, GL22, GL44, and GL45 among others.

This holster is a great option for everyday carry. It features a competition speed cut that enables use with accessories like red dots, raised suppressors, and threaded barrels. Besides, a paddle hook is included to help you attach it to your pants or belt.

Moreover, this holster has adjustable retention and angle from -30 to +30° for secure and comfortable use. It is also built with an undercut trigger guard to prevent it from causing any interference when the handgun is drawn.


  • Adjustable retention and angle
  • Undercut trigger guard
  • Left-hand closure type
  • Paddle hooks
  • Left-hand orientation


  • Durability
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Great option for everyday carry
  • Belt attachment included


  • A bit heavy

Types of Red Dot Holsters

Red dot holsters are classified into three different types based on the features incorporated and the design. These types are Level I, Level II, and Level III holsters.

Level I Holsters

Level I holsters are the most basic of the three. They provide standard retention for the firearm and quick and straightforward draw. In most cases, Level I holsters come with an open-top design that lacks extra locking mechanisms.

Level II Holsters

These holsters are an upgrade of Level I counterparts. They have extra locking mechanisms including thumb break, strap, and other mechanical retention devices. Besides, they provide greater security in situations where a higher level of retention is needed.

Level III Holsters

Level III holsters are the most secure red dot holsters out there. They use several retention devices to ensure maximum security. Furthermore, they require multiple steps to release the firearm.

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Best Red Dot Holsters Buying Guide

Before you make any red dot holster purchase, take into consideration the following factors:


This is the first thing to consider. The holster you choose to buy should be compatible with not just your firearm but also the red dot sight. With the right compatibility comes proper fit and function. Besides, some holsters are made with a cutout or an open design to accommodate the red dot sights’ additional height.

Retention System

The retention system of a red dot holster can make or break its functionality. We recommend holsters with an adjustable retention system to keep the firearm secure and in place wherever you go with it. This is particularly vital for optic-ready handguns with red dot sights, as the extra weight and bulk might interfere with the holster’s retention requirement.

Size and Fit

Different handguns call for different sizes of holsters. With each holster having a unique shape and design, you should ensure that the model you pick provides the right fit irrespective of the carry position. On top of that, the holster should have a size that ensures comfortable handling.

Construction Quality

It is also important to take into consideration the construction quality of the red dot holster. As an accessory, you will want it to be made with high-quality materials that guarantee years of field use. The best red dot holsters are made of high-quality materials such as Kydex, Boltaron, or injection-molded polymers that offer great retention, weather resistance, and unmatched durability.


You should also pay attention to concealment. If you are after a holster that is easy to conceal, it should have a slim profile and lightweight design. On top of that, you should opt for a product that has smooth edges and an ergonomic design.


The other thing to consider is whether the holster has a left or right-handed draw. Not many holsters have ambidextrous draw so ensure that you pick a model that is made for your dominant hand.

How to Use a Red Dot Holster

If you want to make the most out of your firearm, red dot sights, and holster, here are some tips to get you there:

  1. Practice Before Use

Whether you use your firearm for self-defense, concealed carry, or general shooting applications, you should practice with your holster before use, for efficient and functional handling.

  1. Practice Gun Safety

It is paramount to practice gun safety when handling or storing your firearm. Ensure that the holster is closed and fastened securely before putting the firearm.

  1. Make Necessary Adjustments

Ensure that you adjust the retention and cant of the holster as needed. This ensures optimal comfort and performance as your needs and skills change with time.

  1. Keep the Holster Clean

Whether you carry and use the holster regularly or not, inspect it to see if there are any signs of wear and tear. You should also keep it free of dust, debris, and other contaminants. During cleanup, avoid using any harsh chemicals that can damage the finish and cause the material to wear quickly.


  • Which level should I choose for a red dot holster?

The ideal red dot holster level largely depends on individual preferences and the firearm you intend to use it for. If you are after a quick draw, then a level 1 holster suits you. On the other hand, level 2 and Level 3 holsters come with multiple locking mechanisms to provide additional security.

  • What type of holsters work best for red dot sights?

The holsters that work best with red dot sights are those that come with an open-bottom design or those that are designed specifically for optic-ready firearms.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you some insights into the best red dot holsters. Keep in mind that the size and bulk of your firearm and red dot sight will play a big role in determining the holster that you get. Whatever your needs are, there is a red dot holster out there waiting for you.