7 Best Binocular Tripod Adapters

Looking for the best binocular tripod adapters? You have landed in the right place. This post sheds light on the best binocular tripod adapters available on the market today.

If you use your binoculars for astronomy, bird watching, wildlife viewing, hunting or any other outdoor activity, holding them on your hands causes hand fatigue and muscle stain particularly during lengthy glassing sessions. That’s where a binoculars tripod adapter comes in handy. Together with the tripod, it takes the binoculars weight off  your hands and shoulders to give you a comfortable, hands-free viewing.

Once you have mounted the binoculars to the tripod safety, you will enjoy steady, shake-free views of the targets. But finding the best binocular tripod adapter is easier said than done. The market is flooded with options which make the selection process quite challenging.

If you are having a hard time finding the right binocular tripod adapter, we have made a list of the 7 best products you should consider. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look.

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters

1) Vortex Optics Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters



The Vortex Optics Binocular Tripod Adapter is one of the best binoculars tripod adapters available on the market. It uses the standard-size threading so its compatible with a wide range of tripods and car window mounts as well. The threading on this adapter measures 0.25-inches which is a common size for most standard binoculars. Besides, the threading is rated at 1/4-inch x20 so you can easily fit it directly into the base between your binocular barrels.

The adapter is made to last. It has a solid metal construction which makes it durable and rugged enough to stand up to harsh outdoor use. It’s available in black color with a gloss finish. Above all, the adapter is easy to attach on the tripod and easy to remove as well. It creates the most secure connection, so you can enjoy steady, hands-free viewing.


  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Compatible with a wide range of tripods
  • Compactible with car window mounts
  • Sturdy and secure connection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 1/4-inch x 20 standard threading
  • Sturdy and durable metal construction
  • Black color with a gloss finish

2) BARSKA AF10546 Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters



The BARSKA AF10546 is a standard binocular tripod adapter designed to accommodate most binoculars with adapter screws. It’s the best binocular tripod for buyers who are on a budget. It’s easy to attach on the tripod and suitable for multiple outdoor adventure activities such as birding, wildlife and nature viewing.

This adapter is constructed from sturdy metal for long-lasting durability. The screw head features a rubber coating that you should use to tighten the binoculars for a steady and secure connection. When placed properly, the adapter holds the binoculars stable, without any wobbling or titling.

Weighing only 0.80 pounds, the adapter is fairly light. This means that it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight on your binoculars and tripod. Another impressive thing about this adapter is that it can be mounted on window mounts too. This gives you easy access to the binoculars when using your car.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy attachment
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Sturdy screw with rubber coating for secure connection
  • Works with most tripods and window mounts
  • Suitable for multiple outdoor activities
  • Water resistant

3) Celestron 93524 Roof and Porro Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters



If you are on a budget, the Celestron 93524 Binocular Tripod Adapter is another great option for you. This adapter’s main body is made from solid metal so its durable. It also has an amazing lightweight design that will be easy on your tripod.

When it comes to versatility, its hard to beat this adapter. It works well with most lightweight binoculars. It is also designed to work with both roof and Porro prism binoculars regardless of the size. The built-in screw connects the adapter to your binoculars and provides a secure and steady attachment. The adapter also reduces vibration on the binoculars to provide crisp clear image views.


  • Durable metal housing
  • Center mounting system
  • Works well with both Porro and roof binoculars
  • Uses a 1/4-inch x 20 mounting bolt
  • Compatible with multiple tripods
  • Lightweight design
  • Cost-effective

4) Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters


The Snapzoom Binocular Tripod Mount is your ideal option if you have multiple binoculars. This binocular tripod mount is made to be compatible with virtually any binoculars, small or big. It’s also your ideal option if your binoculars come without a threaded tripod socket.

It features a standard 1/4-inch x 20 screw thread which works well with a wide range of tripods. It also features easy-to-use straps which make the set up process a walk in the park. Other than that, this tripod mount is made with high-quality materials to enhance durability. The anti-slip padded base keeps your binoculars in place, while the adjustable Velcro straps provide added security.

Another impressive feature about this universal tripod mount is that it’s ideal for compact binoculars. The strap included has an adjustable size so you can create a snug and tight fit regardless of the binoculars size. It also holds the binoculars steadily so you can use it for taking photos and recording videos.


  • Compatible with compact binoculars
  • Perfect solution for binoculars without a mounting screw
  • Mounts to a wide range of tripods
  • Works with different binoculars
  • Slip-resistant padded base
  • Easy-to-use adjustable Velcro straps
  • Great value for the price

5) Mutnt Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters


If you have Porro prism binoculars, the Mutnt Binocular Tripod Adapter is your ideal option. It is well-made, easy to use and compatible with most tripods. The user-friendly design makes it easy to mount and remove. Better yet, the adapter transitions from tripod viewing to handheld viewing with a simple push of a button. This is thanks to the quick detachable one button feature.

When it comes to construction, this adapter is made with high-quality materials to ensure many years of use. It features an aluminum body and a nitrated steel stud. Additional spacer rings and an Allen wrench are also provided to give you the most secure fit.

Overall, this is a versatile and well-made tripod adapter suitable for every avid outdoorsman out there. However, it is good to know that the adapter doesn’t work with the Vortex Diamondback 10×50 Classic/ Gen 1. So, if you have a such binoculars, you should consider getting another adapter.


  • Secure attachment
  • Well-made with high quality materials
  • Compatible with a wide range of binoculars and tripods
  • Quick detachable one button
  • Clever and practical design
  • Comes with extra spacer rings and an Allen wrench
  • Easy to mount and remove

6) Vortex Optics Uni-Daptor Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters



Here is another quality binocular tripod adapter from Vortex. This adapter features a quick-release design which lets you switch from tripod viewing to hand glassing with little effort. It is compatible with a wide range of tripods and you can also mount it on your car window when driving.

This adapter features a slim, lightweight design. It won’t get in the way or add any unnecessary weight on your tripod. Plus, you can wear the binoculars around your neck with the adapter attached. The main bar fits well on most binoculars via the heavy-duty screw and you can secure it into place using the Allen wrench included.

More importantly, the adapter is designed to provide the best viewing angles. It has a pin in the shaft which goes together with an equivalent notch in the base to give you the most comfortable viewing angle. Lastly, the adapter has a durable body design to provide sturdy attachment.


  • Works well with a wide range of tripods
  • Compatible with window mounts
  • Stylish black matte finish
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to mount
  • Allen-wrench included
  • Easy transition from tripod viewing to handheld viewing

7) Carson Tripod Adapter for Binoculars (TA-50)

Best Binocular Tripod Adapters



The Carson Tripod Adapter is compatible with most tripod-ready binoculars. Featuring an ultra-slim design, this adapter offers the best fit for binoculars with a narrow connection space. The 0.25-inch x 20 threaded base provides a secure solid fit on a wide range of standard-sized tripods as well as window mounts. It’s easy to use and easy to mount as well.

The adapter is well-made to enhance durability. It features a sturdy aluminum construction which provides for steady, hands-free viewing. Better yet, it has a compact, ergonomic and ultralight design suitable for bird watching, nature viewing and other outdoor activities. It is also backed by Carson’s limited lifetime warranty so you are assured that its a quality product. To top it all, the tripod adapter features a black finish which blends perfectly with most tripods and binoculars.


  • Sleek black finish
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compactible with most tripod-ready binoculars
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Backed by Carson’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Works well with most tripods and window mounts
  • Easy to attach

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How to Choose the Best Binocular Tripod Adapters

Given the wide range of binocular tripod adapters available on the market, finding the best model can be difficult. Here are some of the key factors you should consider when looking for the best binocular tripod adapters.


Compatibility is paramount when searching for the best binocular tripod adapters. A binocular tripod will be of no use if its not compatible with your binocular or tripod. Therefore, it’s important that you get a model that’s compatible with both your binoculars and tripod. Go for a universal adapter if you are not sure about the right tripod adapter for your binoculars. Such adapters are designed to fit most binoculars and they usually have little space between the barrels for steady attachment.


Go for a binocular tripod adapter with a sturdy build. If the binocular tripod is not sturdy, the binoculars will be unstable and the images shaky. This will ruin your viewing experience. Other than that, the binocular tripod should be well-made to enhance durability. It should be sturdy enough to stand rugged outdoor use.

Good Base

The best binocular tripod adapter must have a broad and qualitative base. The good thing about a wide base is that it keeps the binoculars safe and secure. It also provides a better field of view and greater accuracy. If you are an avid birder and wildlife viewer, you know that accuracy is very important and it can either make or break your glassing experience.


The other important factor to consider is weight. You’ll want the binocular tripod adapter to be as light as possible. That way, you’ll have an easy time carrying it around together with the tripod and binoculars. A lightweight adapter is also easy to mount and it doesn’t add unnecessary weight on the tripod.

Types of Binocular Tripod Adapters

Binocular tripod adapters are made differently to suit the needs of different users. Here are four of the common types of binocular tripod adapters.

Universal. Universal tripod adapters are designed to work with almost all binoculars. This makes them more common than the other types. They have a rubber strap that goes around your binoculars to provide a secure fit. Since they are universal, you can use them for spotting scopes, monocular and telescopes, not just binoculars. Moreover, you can use them with binoculars that aren’t compatible with the L-type mounts.

Screw Thread. A screw thread tripod adapter uses a screw to attach the adapter to the binoculars. This type of adapter provides great stability and significant reduction in motion. If your pair of binoculars has a screw thread it will be compatible with a screw thread tripod adapter.

Central Shaft. The central shaft is another tripod adapter which works by connecting to the central shaft of the binoculars. It’s pretty reliable but less versatile. Only a small fraction of binoculars and tripods allow for this mounting system.

Clamp. A clamp tripod adapter works in a similar manner like the universal adapter. The only difference is it uses a clamp to secure the binoculars, instead of a rubber band. It is highly stable and reliable too. It is the best adapter for large-sized binoculars including extra-large models used for astronomy and stargazing.

How do Binocular Tripod Adapters Work?

The binocular tripod adapter attaches to your binocular and then fixed to the tripod. This keeps the binocular fixed to the target so there will be no need of you holding it in your hand. So, the adapter takes all the weight off your hands. This gives you the most comfortable viewing experience.


  • What is a binocular tripod adapter?

A binocular tripod adapter is an accessory that enables you to attach your binoculars to a tripod. Mounting your binoculars on a tripod provides steady views especially when using binoculars with high magnification.

  • Are binocular tripod adapters universal?

Not all binocular tripod adapters are universal. If the adapter is universal, it is compatible with almost all binoculars. Universal tripods are good for people who own multiple binoculars. They are highly versatile and compatible with monocular, telescopes, spotting scopes and microscope systems not just binoculars.

  • Which binoculars are tripod adaptable?

Astronomy related and long-distance binoculars with high magnification power are tripod adaptable or have a built-in tripod mount. These binoculars are difficult to hold steady because of the high magnification. This necessitates the need to use a tripod. However, there are numerous ordinary binoculars that come with a screw thread tripod adapter so they are tripod adaptable too.

  • Why attach your binoculars to a tripod?

There are multiple benefits of mounting your binoculars on a tripod. For starters, if the binoculars are heavy, the tripod will take the weight off your hands and shoulders. Tripods also provide steady image views which enhances your glassing experience regardless of the outdoor activity you are engaged in.


Hopefully, you have found this buying guide insightful. A binocular tripod adapter is important for anyone using binoculars with high magnification. It removes the weight off your hands and shoulders for a snug, hands-free viewing, while ensuring steady and comfortable long-glassing sessions. Use our guide above and get yourself the best binoculars tripod adapter.

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