8 Best Rangefinder for Hunting

As thrilling as hunting is, using the right tools is important if you want to make all your hunting trips a success. When packing your hunting gear, the best rangefinder for hunting is one of the most important accessories you should always have in your tool kit. A rangefinder will locate the game you are hunting at any range, show you how big it is in size and also tell you how far it is.

With this handy information at hand, it becomes much easier for the hunter to plan the shot and increase their odds of taking down the game ethically. A rangefinder for hunting also eliminates constant squinting which not only strains the eyes but also makes the overall hunting experience less pleasant.

What Makes a Great Rangefinder for Hunting?

If you are a first-time buyer, you are probably wondering what features you should look for in a rangefinder for hunting. The first thing that a great rangefinder for hunting should have is sharp precision. Whether you are hunting big, medium or small sized game, having an accurate measurement of both the size and how far it is will help you place a clean shot.

Furthermore, the rangefinder should have a body that is built ready for use in all environments. It should be fog proof, rainproof and sturdily built to withstand impacts, shock and rough handling.

Another important feature that the best rangefinder for hunting should have is quality lens coatings. The more anti-reflective lens coatings present, the better the optical performance will be even in low light environments.

Last but not least, a great rangefinder for hunting should have a wide field of view, a large and clear display and a moderate zoom power of about 5x to 7x for magnifying the small targets.

Best Rangefinders for Hunting – Our Top Picks

There market today is flooded with rangefinders and in this post we are going to take you through the best models for hunting.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1) Leupold RX-2800 TBR/W Laser Rangefinder

Best Rangefinder for Hunting



Leupold is a household name in the world of optics. It makes a wide array of quality hunting optics and the Leupold RX-2800 TBR/W Laser Rangefinder is not any different. This hunting rangefinder is durable, reliable and great for all hunting applications.

The rangefinder has a compact design and  it is built to be operable in all environments. It is tested to extreme climate conditions and guaranteed to be fully waterproof. Additionally, it has a rugged housing that is shrouded in an easy-to-grip rubber armor to provide a positive grasp in all weather conditions.

To complement the rugged construction, the rangefinder has a bright OLED display with easy-to-read numbers and letters. In nearly all lighting conditions, the display remains clear and easy to read. On top of that, the rangefinder comes with a scan mode that provides continuous range updates and an Alpha IQ technology that provides quick results in a matter of seconds.

Another feature that makes this optic the best rangefinder for hunting is the TBR/W technology that takes into account both the angle of your shot and the ballistics of your rifle. This increases your shooting precision especially when you are taking a shot on a target that is on a downhill or uphill position.


  • Scan mode
  • True ballistic range with wind (TBR/W)
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction
  • Alpha IQ digital technology
  • 7x magnification
  • Red OLED display
  • Slip resistant rubber armor


  • Bright and easy to read display
  • Compact and ultra-light
  • Long detection range
  • Quick distance measurement


  • Drains the battery quickly

2) Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder

Best Rangefinder for Hunting



Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder is a moderately powered rangefinder that is ideal for both bow and rifle hunting. It has a 4x zoom power to help you identify distant targets positively and also zoom in on the small targets. With the moderate zoom power, the rangefinder maintains a spacious field of view which is vital for quick target location.

This optic has a maximum line-of-sight metering distance of 850 yards. This is more than sufficient for most hunting applications. For bow hunting, it displays an adjusted aiming distance out to 99 yards. As such, the hunter has the flexibility to decide which pin to use.

When it comes to construction, the rangefinder has a texture armoring design that provides a slip-resistant grip in all environments. The housing is also waterproof to withstand inclement weather and fog resistant to keep the lenses clear in all weather conditions.

For added convenience, the rangefinder has a compact, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It also has a one-button activation that adds on the ease of use and distance readings that are displayed in yards or meters for you to choose from.


  • Class 1 eye-safe IR laser
  • Built-in inclinometer
  • Rotating focus dial
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Slip-resistant textured armoring
  • 7-850 yards metering range with 1-yard accuracy
  • Angle range compensation
  • 4x magnification


  • Compact, lightweight ergonomic design
  • Simple one-hand operation
  • Fast, accurate and consistent readings
  • Ideal for rifle and bow hunting


  • Not water resistant

3) Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder



The Vortex 6×20 Impact 1000 is the best rangefinder for hunting for the beginners. It is stripped of the extra bells and whistles to just the essential rangefinding functions for ease of use. Besides, it boasts a simple two-button operation with a very intuitive menu-driven interface.

This rangefinder utilizes a class 1M eye-safe laser and has a metering range of 5-1000 yards. At 100 yards, the accuracy is +/-1 yard to optimize your shooting precision. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in inclinometer that calculates the relative angle between you and the target when you are pursuing a target on an elevated or downhill position.

To maximize glassing comfort, the rangefinder features a comfortable 3.3mm exit pupil and a long eye relief of 15mm that also makes it eyeglass friendly. Additionally, it has compact and lightweight design for easy portability, and a large field of view that aids in quick target finding as well as effortless tracking of the fast-moving targets.

Durability is another facet that makes this rangefinder ideal for hunting. It has a sturdy chassis that is rubber armored to enhance protection from impacts and provide sure handling in wet weather conditions. It is also O-ring sealed to be waterproof and safe to use in temperatures spanning from 14 to 131℉.


  • 6x magnification
  • Class 1M eye-safe laser
  • Built-in inclinometer
  • Angle compensated range
  • 5-1000 yards metering range
  • Waterproof construction
  • Roof prism optical path
  • Spot or continuous scan modes
  • Non-slip textured grip


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Inexpensive
  • Great quality


  • The readings are not illuminated thus less ideal for use in low light environments

4) Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS 1500 Laser Rangefinder




Next up, we have the Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS 1500 Laser Rangefinder. This rangefinder is outstanding in terms of ranging speed, accuracy and distance measurement. It provides lighting fast performance in any hunting environment and is optimized for low light hunting.

Weighing a mere 5.2oz, the rangefinder is lightweight, portable and very easy to use. On top of that, it features a fixed 6x magnification for bringing the distant targets closer, and a large field of view that is vital for rapid target finding. It is also outfitted with a Buckmasters BDC reticle that has holdovers dots out to 500 yards to fine tune your precision at long ranges.

Moreover, the rangefinder has an IPX-4 waterproof rating that makes it operable even in adverse weather conditions. Besides that, it features a high contrast LED display that delivers extremely fast readings in all lighting conditions. This display is also very easy to use for added convenience.


  • 6x magnification
  • 1500-yard metering range
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Class 1M eye safe laser
  • Red LED display
  • Buckmasters BDC reticle


  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for both rifle and bow hunting
  • Budget-friendly

5) LEICA Rangefinder CRF 3500.COM Laser Rangefinder

LEICA Rangefinder



With a metering range of 10 to 3500 yards, the LEICA Rangefinder CRF 3500.COM is the best option for long range hunters. It provides stunning precision even at long ranges and has a quick measuring time of 0.3s for rapid target acquisition.

The rangefinder uses a class 3R eye-safe infrared laser and it displays the distance readings in either yards or meters for you to choose from. Furthermore, the it comes with an integrated inclinometer that measures the relative angle to a target when it is either in an uphill or downhill position.

The technology incorporated in this rangefinder is another thing that makes it stand out. It connects with the Leica Hunting App or the Kenstrel 5700 Elite weather meter via Bluetooth. It also comes with a built-in ballistic program that compiles data for incline angle, temperature, barometric pressure, ammunition load, and rifle being used to enhance your shooting precision.

Optically, the rangefinder has an Aquadura lens coating that protects the lenses from scratches, moisture and dirt. This keeps the field of view clean in all weather condition. It also boasts a strong and impact resistant body that is fully waterproof and submersible to 3.3’ for added protection.


  • 7x magnification
  • Class 3R eye-safe infrared laser
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic housing
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction
  • Red LED display
  • 10-3500 yards metering range
  • Phase corrected roof prism monocular
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Long detection range
  • Generous eye relief
  • Large field of view
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design


  • Comparatively costly

6) Halo Range Finder Hunting Laser Range Finder

Halo Range Finder


Another best rangefinder for hunting in our list is the Halo Laser Range Finder. This rangefinder makes a handy companion when hunting game in the backcountry settings or in wide open spaces where it provides incredible performance.

The rangefinder utilizes premium quality optics that yield spectacular views of the target in any environment. Complementing the premium glass optical lenses is a fixed 6x magnification that aids in quick target acquisition. This moderate zoom power also maintains a wide field of view for effortless monitoring of the fast moving game.

Additionally, the rangefinder comes with an angle intelligence feature that calculates the true horizontal distance at any elevation. It also features a scan mode that locks in several targets at different yardages and a precise +/- 1 yard accuracy for the entire 450 yards metering range.

What’s more is that this compact and lightweight rangefinder is built ready for hunting. It has a water-resistant interior to be safe to use in light showers and misty environments. On top of that, the rangefinder has a textured coating that provides a sure, non-slip grip even when you are wearing gloves.


  • Auto acquisition feature
  • Scan mode
  • 6x magnification
  • Premium glass optical lenses
  • Water resistant
  • Non-slip textured grip
  • Angle intelligence


  • High accuracy
  • Clear and wide field of view
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Not fog proof

7) Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro


If you are on a budget, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder suits you. It is reasonably inexpensive, yet good in terms of quality, durability and performance. It is also versatile and good for virtually all hunting applications.

This compact rangefinder has a magnification power of 6x and a measuring range of 5-650 yards. The measurement readings are +/-1 yard accurate to optimize your shooting accuracy. Furthermore, the rangefinder has displays the distance readings quickly and comes with 3 modes that make it more versatile.

Another impressive thing about this hunting rangefinder is ease of use. It has an intuitive two button operation, one for metering and the other one for on and off switching. Additionally, it weighs 184g only for easy carrying in the field.

To top it all off, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder is IP54 waterproof and dustproof for use in all kinds of weather conditions.


  • 6x magnification
  • 5-650 yards metering range
  • 3 modes: range scanning, golf mode and speed mode
  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • +/- 1 yard accuracy


  • Fast and accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large field of view


  • Cheap quality

8) Nikon Prostaff 1000 6×20 Laser Rangefinder

Nikon Prostaff 1000



Lastly on our list of the best rangefinder for hunting is the Nikon Prostaff 1000. This compact rangefinding tool places a solid 1000 yards meting range into your hand so you can use it find targets effortlessly and turn your hunting trips into a success.

Built with a 6x optical system and a wide field of view, this rangefinder makes seeing and ranging deer-like targets out 600 yards a reality. Furthermore, it boasts high-quality optics and multi-layer coatings that maximize light transmission to yield bright and clear sight pictures.

Moreover, the rangefinder is built with Tru-Target technology that gives you the ability to choose between first and distant target priority modes based on the situation at hand. Other than that, it is made with high quality materials to maximize durability and longevity. On top of that, it brings to the table a weather resistant body that keeps it ready for anything Mother Nature has in store for your hunt.


  • Multi-layer lens coatings
  • High-quality optics
  • 6x magnification
  • 1000 yards effective metering range
  • Tru-Target technology
  • Rainproof construction


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy housing
  • Lightweight design
  • Great image quality


  • Not ideal for use in cold and mist environments

Read Also

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Hunting Rangefinder

Whether you are buying a hunting rangefinder for the first time or looking to get another model to add in your collection, here are the important factors you should consider before settling on any product.


Display in a very important part in every rangefinder. It can make or break your hunting expedition especially when you are hunting in low light settings. Look for a rangefinder that comes with a bright red LED display. Such displays are easy to read and see even when the lighting conditions are poor.

Lens Coatings

Just like any other optic, quality lens coatings is a feature that a rangefinder for hunting should have. Lens coatings shield the optics from scratches and bruises during use. They also enhance limit light loss through reflection and increase the volume of light transmitted to yield bright and clear image views. The best rangefinder for hunting will come with either fully-coated or multi-coated optics.

Angle Compensation

Angle compensation is another important feature that rangefinders for hunting should have. Also known as slope or arch, angle compensation determines the effect of gravity on the bullet when you are taking shots on an uphill or downhill position. This feature will go a long way to enhance your precision when you are placing a shot on a target that isn’t in line with your shooting position.

Build Quality

Both rifle and bow hunting can be rough on your hunting accessories. This is more so the case when you are looking for targets in less familiar terrains. Look for a device that is built with high quality materials to withstand rough use in the field. On top of that, ensure that you get a rangefinder that comes with a textured non-slip body for secure handling in all environments. The best rangefinder for hunting should also be waterproofed and fog proofed for use in any weather condition.


Hunting rangefinder prices vary greatly from one device to the other. The cost can be as low as $100 to as high as $1000 depending on the brand, features and the build quality. Cheaper models are ideal for the budget-conscious buyers looking for a device that has the basic rangefinder features.

On the other hand, the high-end rangefinders for hunting are better in terms of quality and performance compared to the cheaper counterparts. They also have higher accuracy levels and fast distance readings both of which can make a very big difference in the hunting grounds.


  • Is it worth buying a rangefinder for hunting?

Absolutely. A rangefinder is a valuable accessory for hunting. Using one when hunting will increase your odds of taking clean and accurate shots in any hunting environment. This will make your hunting trips more fun and successful.

  • What is the best rangefinder for hunting?

The best rangefinder for hunting is one that suits your hunting needs, style and preference. Since our needs are different, it is hard to say that there is a single rangefinder that fits all. It is therefore important to get a device that has all the features you require for your hunting needs.

Final Thoughts

It is my hope that this post has been insightful and of great help to you. Each of the rangefinder we have mentioned above comes with the essential features you need to enhance your performance in the hunting field. They are easy to use and a vital piece of gear to have for virtually all hunting applications. Look at the specs and features that each rangefinder brings to the table then pick the model that will make you a better hunter this hunting season.