6 Best Spotting Scopes with Reticle

If you are an avid hunter or shooter looking to hone your shooting skills, you need a powerful optic improves your visuals in the hunting field or shooting range. There are plenty of sighting tools you can use, but only a few can match the performance of the best spotting scopes with reticles.

A spotting scope with a built-in reticle is a handy tool to have for extra long-range hunting and tactical shooting.It will provide a wider magnification range that you require to cover targets at different ranges and the reticle will help you make the necessary adjustments at those ranges. However, with multitudinous spotting scopes available on the market, finding the best model is easier said than done. You have to go through innumerable reviews which is both daunting and time consuming.

To help, we have taken our time and made a list of the best spotting scopes with reticles that will help revolutionize your target shooting or hunting expedition. This spotting scopes provide superior ranging capabilities and high precision that you need for long-range shots.

With all that said, let’s dive right in.

Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles

#1) Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles



If you are looking to take your hunting/tactical shooting skills to the next high level, the Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD Spotting Scope suits you. This spotting scope is a champion for glassing in poor light settings. It has a Twilight Light Max HD Management System which provides superior performance in low light settings.

The scope comes with a straight eyepiece and a folded light path that make it compact. It features a Mil-Dot reticle that stays visible in low light settings as well as at the highest magnification. To add on that, it is simple to aim for more positive target acquisition. Also, the scope features multicoat 4 lens system which maximizes light transmission for peak image brightness and clarity.

This spotting scope is built to provide unmatched durability. It has a rugged but extremely light construction which maximizes its portability and pack-ability. Besides, it is not only tough but also 100% waterproof and fog proof for all-weather reliability. It also comes with scratch-resistant lenses to stand harsh hunting conditions.

Other notable features include a protective, soft-slide case and a 1/4-20 thread tripod attachment.


  • Mil-Dot reticle
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof
  • Leupold’s professional grade optical system
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Durable magnesium housing
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Straight eyepiece design
  • Folded light path design

#2) SightMark Latitude 20-60×80 XD Tactical Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles



Hunting  and long-range tactical shooting gets better with the SightMark Latitude 20-60×80 XD Tactical Spotting Scope. It has a straight eyepiece design and a twist-up eyecup for the most comfortable glassing experience. It’s simple to use and ideal for both beginners and professionals.

This spotting scope provides unbeatable durability. It is built with high-quality materials that stand up to the harsh outdoor conditions. It also boasts a rugged armor that maximizes durability and an IP67 waterproof, fog proof and dustproof construction for reliable use in all weather conditions.

A first focal plane Mil-radian reticle awaits you when you buy this spotting scope. It is easy to aim and it helps keep your objective in focus. The scope also brings to the table ED glass and fully multi-coated lenses which provide brilliant, clear and tack-sharp images even in low light settings. Above all, it comes with a built-in sunshade that helps reduces glare during the day, a lens cover that shields the lens from dirt, scratches and sand, and a carrying case for convenient storage and portability.


  • Porro prism optical system
  • Twist-up eyecup
  • Built-in sunshade
  • Advanced, fully multi-coated ED glass
  • Waterproof, fog proof and dustproof
  • Straight eyepiece design
  • Aluminum prism coating
  • First focal plane Mil-radian reticle
  • Folded light path

#3) Bushnell Legend T-Series 15-45x60mm Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles



Bushnell has a longstanding reputation of making good quality optical instruments and the Legend T-Series 15-45x60mm Spotting Scope is no exception. It has everything you need to improve your accuracy in the hunting field or range.

This scope features a Mil-Harsh reticle that is placed on the first focal plane. It helps you range targets accurately and make right wind and drop calls. Moreover, it boasts ED prime glass that provides high-quality sight pictures and fully multi-coated lenses that guarantee amazing image brightness and clarity even in dismal environments.

Also, the spotting scope has a variable magnification from 15x to 45x. With this optical power, you will be able to spot targets at both intermediate and long ranges. Besides, it comes with a Picatinny rail where you can mount your accessories of choice like range finders and red dot sights. It’s also waterproof and fog-resistant for all weather reliability.


  • Water-repellent RainGuard coatings
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • FFP Mil-Harsh reticle
  • Picatinny rail
  • Folded light path
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Adjustable 15x to 45x magnification

#4) Leupold GR 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope

Leupold GR 20-60x80mm



Another best spotting scope with reticle is the Leupold GR 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope. This is your ideal spotting scope if you are looking to reach out to extreme distances. With this optic, you will be able to spot game in any distance and lighting condition. It boasts fully multi-coated optics that maximizes image brightness and clarity, and Leupold’s professional-grade optical system which provides excellent optical performance even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

It features a folded light path design which provides high magnification in a compact design for easy pack-ability and portability. Besides, it has a maximum zoom power of 60x which is more than sufficient for most hunters and tactical shooters.

For added convenience, the scope has a lightweight magnesium housing for comfortable carrying in the field. Though lightweight, this spotting scope is tough as nail. It has the legendary Leupold ruggedness that stands up to anything thrown at it. Other impressive features include scratch resistant lenses, impact reticle and a straight eyepiece design.


  • Fully multi-coated lens system
  • Lightweight but durable magnesium housing
  • Leupold’s professional-grade optical system
  • Folded light path design
  • Scratch resistant lenses,
  • Impact reticle
  • Straight eyepiece design
  • 20-60x variable magnification
  • Twilight Max Light Management System
  • Waterproof and fog proof

#5) Barska AD11430 Compact Targeting 11-33×50 Spotting Scope

Barska AD11430



As one of the best spotting scopes with reticles, the Barska Compact Targeting spotting scope comes with a Mil-Cross Rangefinding reticle that’s perfect for hunting, target shooting and other sports. It’s reasonably affordable and highly functional.

The scope has a maximum magnification of 33x which is a bit small compared with the other scopes on the list. However, it is still sufficient for viewing targets at a distance. It features an angled eyepiece that is ideal for group sharing and comes with a mini tabletop tripod for ease of use.

Though compact and light as feather, the scope is toughly built to give you many years of field use. It has a rugged rubber armor that cushions it from shock and impacts. Even better, it is waterproof and fog proof for use in extreme weather conditions. To top it all, this spotting scope brings to the table fully multi-coated BK-7 optics that provide brighter, crisp and tack-sharp images even in low light settings.


  • Shockproof rubber armor
  • Variable 11-33x magnification
  • Compact, light and portable
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Side focus knob
  • Fully multi-coated BK-7 optics
  • Mil-Cross reticle
  • Integrated tabletop tripod

#6) Newcon Optik Spotter M Spotting Scope

Newcon Optik Spotter



If you are in the hunt for the best spotting scope with reticle for the money, the Spotter M Spotting Scope from Newcon Optik suits you. It offers functional features at a remarkably competitive price. It has a Mil-Dot reticle that stays visible even poor light settings. Plus, the reticle is easy to aim and it won’t obstruct your targets when hunting.

This spotting scope features 8x magnification which helps bring distant times 8 times closer. It has a straight eyepiece design and an eye relief that is long enough to provide comfortable views even with your eyeglasses on. Moreover, it weighs just 336g for easy portability. In terms of construction, this scope has a ruggedized body that is fully waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.


  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Mil-Dot reticle
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Durable and shockproof construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rugged rubber armor

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles

When shopping for the best spotting scopes with reticle, it’s best to get a quality product the first time. Here are some of the important factors you should consider in order to make the right buying decision.

Intended Use

Spotting scopes with reticles are mainly used for hunting and tactical applications. If you intend to use it primarily for hunting, make sure that it has the features you need for your hunting expedition.

However, if you want greater versatility, any of the scopes listed above is ideal for multiple outdoor applications. All you need to do is choose a model that works best for your individual needs.


The high magnification that spotting scopes have sets them apart from binoculars and rifle scopes. However, the magnification power varies from one spotting scope to the other. What you intend to use the scope for will largely influence which magnification you choose.

If you plan to use the spotting scope for objects that aren’t far away, a model with a maximum of 45x will do. However, if you are looking to magnify targets that are extremely far away, look for a scope with at least 60x magnification.

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens is responsible for collecting light into the spotting scope. The farther the target is, the more light the scope should collect to provide bright views. Bigger objective lenses collect more light than the smaller ones. The result is bright and clear sight pictures and a wide field of view that makes target spotting a five-finger exercise.

However, spotting scopes with big objective lenses have their downsides too. The big glass makes the scope heavy and large. This makes them less-portable and less-packable. Large objective lens also makes the scope more expensive.


Image clarity can either make or break your hunting/tactical shooting expedition. Look for spotting scopes that are made with high-end glass such as ED or HD. While this type of glass makes the spotting scope expensive, it is certainly worth every penny.

High-end glass provides true-to-life sight pictures and eliminates any distortion. It is also best to get a spotting scope that has fully multi-coated optics which maximize light transmission for bright and clear sight pictures.


The construction quality of a spotting scope ultimately determines how dependable it will be and how long it will last. Always buy a spotting scope that is fully waterproof and fog proof. This way, you will be able to use it even in bad weather conditions.

When it comes to the main body, the best spotting scopes with reticles are made with high-quality materials preferably aluminum or magnesium. Also makes sure that you buy a spotting scope that has a rubber armor. It will optimize its durability by cushioning it from impact and shock.

Type or Reticle

You need to select the right reticle depending on the outdoor activity you are engaged in and how far you will be shooting. This way, you will be able to aim accurately. For long distance shooting, you should choose a spotting scope with MRAD reticle and a MOA reticle for short range applications.

Benefits of Spotting Scopes with Reticles

  1. Easy target identification. Whether you are hunting or target shooting, a quality spotting scope will help you identify your targets smoothly regardless of the lighting condition.
  2. More accurate shooting. A spotting scope with a reticle will help you aim on your targets easily and increase the odds of making an accurate shot.
  3. Saves on time. At the range, a spotting scope with a reticle will ensure efficient use of time. You don’t need a cease fire to check if you have made an accurate shot placement. When hunting, a spotting scope will help you determine if the object in the distance is the game you are hunting or just a piece of rock.

FAQs about Best Spotting Scopes with Reticles

  • Are spotting scopes with reticles worth it?

Yes. A spotting scope with a reticle will help you aim more accurately. In the range, the reticle is ideal for spotting holes and reading mirage. When hunting, a reticle will show you where you can place the best and most ethical shot on the game you are hunting.

  • How much spotting scope magnification do I need?

It depends on what you intend to use the spotting scope for and how far you will be shooting or hunting. For long range hunting and target shooting, a spotting scope with a 60x magnification should be enough. For close and mid-range application, a model with 30x to 45x maximum magnification will do.

Final Thoughts

If a spotting scope with a reticle has never been your priority, we hope that this post has now changed your mind. Whether you are looking for a spotting scope for hunting or tactical shooting, all the scopes listed above are good for your situation. Grab any one of them and watch them revolutionize how you shoot or hunt.