7 Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000

If you are getting your hunting gear ready and looking for the best hunting binoculars under $1000, you have come to the right place. This post highlights some of the best hunting binoculars under the $1,000 price range.

Binoculars are arguably the most valuable hunting equipment. For some hunters, a good quality pair of binoculars is just as important as the hunting rifle. Unlike scopes and other optical sights, binoculars are not mounted on the rifle. Instead, you hold them or mount them on a tripod. This makes them perfect for hunting and less dangerous on your eyes as there is no recoil to worry about.

With binoculars, you get what you pay for. When you invest in a quality pair, you’ll get the most out of your hunting trip. The best hunting binoculars under $1000  are feature-rich and excellent for all hunting applications. They have better optics which provide brighter and clear as crystal images. These binoculars are also durably made to last from one hunting season to the other.

If you are having a difficult time trying to find the best hunting binoculars under $1000, we are here to help. Here is a detailed review of the best models that fall under this price category that are best for hunting. Let’s take a look.

Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000

1)Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000



The Vortex Viper HD roof prism binoculars is one of the best hunting binoculars under $1000. It offers many high-end features but at a smaller cost. It’s rugged, compact, incredibly lightweight and a great companion while hunting.

Featuring 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens, this pair provides the best views while hunting. The high-density optical system with enhanced anti-reflective coatings facilitates excellent light transmission for bright and stunning images from dawn to dusk. The coating on the roof prisms also provides better resolution and contrast which is essential when hunting small game.

These binoculars are built ready for any hunt. They have a rugged housing that’s designed to take up any abuse. They also have a rubber armor which cushions them from impact and falls, and an Armortek coating which protects the exterior lenses from dirt and scratches. Not to mention that they are fully waterproof and fog proof, so you can use them in all weather conditions.

Another good feature about these binoculars is that they are eyeglass-friendly. The eyecups are adjustable to provide a customized fit for snug viewing with or without eyeglasses/sunglasses. They also bring to the table a right eye locking diopter which lets you adjust for focal differences between your eyes.


  • Fully waterproof and fog proof
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Right eye locking diopter
  • Compact, rubber-armored chassis
  • Armortek lens coating
  • High density optical system
  • Rugged construction
  • Center focus knob
  • Tripod adaptable
  • 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens
  • Lightweight design

2) Steiner Predator Series Hunting Binoculars

Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000



The Predator 10×42 binoculars are you best companion when hunting. This tool is made with hunters in mind. It’s not only highly versatile and suitable for all hunting applications, but it also brings to the table optimized light transmission for the best hunting views. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry as you look for game.

These binoculars are well-made to last from one hunting season to the other. The have a rugged Makrolon housing which is very durable and a laser texture that ensures no slippage occurs in all conditions. They also features an open-bridge design that makes them easier to hold when scouting for game. Besides that, the binoculars are fully waterproof and fog proof for all-weather reliability.

The latest Predator AF keeps you focused from 20 yards to infinity. This increases your odds of accurate shooting when hunting long-distance targets. It’s also equipped with CAT lenses which help you to spot game smoothly in any environment or when they are hiding in the bush. Overall, this is a top-tier hunting binocular that works well for both rifle and bow hunters.


  • Fast-close-focus central focusing wheel
  • Agile open bridge design
  • CAT game-sensing lens coatings
  • Ergonomic silicone eyecups
  • Lightweight and convenient for hunting
  • Laser-textured all-conditions grip
  • Rugged Makrolon housing
  • Waterproof and fog proof

3) Nikon 7576 Monarch 5 8×42 Binocular

Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000



If your hunting involves looking for game in thick bushes and woodlands, the Nikon Monarch 5 8×42 Binocular is your ideal option. This lightweight pair has a 8x magnification which is ideal for such hunting conditions. It also features an advanced low light performance which makes it the ideal companion when hunting in low-light situations.

Featuring Nikon’s high-eyepoint design, this model provides comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. The turn-and-slide eyecups provide comfortable viewing during long periods of use, while the wide unobstructed field of view helps you to track the animal smoothly after a shot. Thanks to the smooth central focus knob, you’ll have an easy time bringing targets into focus for accurate shot placement.

This pair is made to handle any hunting environment. It has a shock-absorbing rubber-armored coating that gives you a firm grip in both dry and wet environments. On top of that, it is nitrogen filled to prevent internal lens fogging and O-ring sealed for total waterproof performance.


  • Clear field of view
  • Long eye relief
  • Protective rubber armored coating
  • Lightweight design
  • Smooth central focus knob
  • Fully multi-coated eco glass lenses
  • User-friendly design
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction
  • Turn and slide rubber eyecups
  • Extra-low dispersion glass

4) Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 10×42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000



As one of the best hunting binoculars under $ 1000, the Fury HD 5000 comes with one of the most important tools in hunting, a laser rangefinder. This rangefinder shows you how far a target is so you can make an accurate and ethical shot. It also features two target modes: best mode and last mode. Best mode gives you the range of the target having the strongest range result, while last mode is ideal for ranging a specific target that’s in a group of objects such as trees and rocks.

These binoculars are quite expensive but worth every penny. They have a compact yet durable design suitable for all hunting applications. They also have an ultra-hard Armortek lens coating that protects the exterior lenses for scratches and a shockproof design for long-lasting durability. Better yet, they are fully waterproof and fog-free so they’ll stand up to any weather condition.

Another impressive thing about this pair is that it provides excellent optical performance. The XR fully multi-coated HD lenses increase light transmission and provide bright and impressive views in all light conditions. Furthermore, this product has an advanced LOS mode that you can use to calculate long-range, high-angle shots with greater accuracy. Lastly, you can mount the Fury on a tripod for snug hunting sessions.


  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Two target modes
  • XR fully multi-coated HD lenses
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Dielectric phase corrected prisms
  • Fully waterproof and fog-resistant
  • Rubber armored housing
  • Shockproof and recoil resistant
  • Intuitive and user-friendly menu
  • Yards or meters ranging format
  • Multi-position eyecups
  • Center focus wheel

5) Zeiss Conquest HD Binocular with LotuTec Protective Coating

Zeiss Conquest



Zeiss Conquest HD Binocular is designed to provide superior light transmission for bright and clear views. The HD glass offers up to 90% light transmission and excellent target resolution across the whole magnification range. It’s also twilight-capable so you can have the best performance when hunting at dawn or dusk.

The 8x magnification delivers steady images when hunting in different condition. It also gives you a wide field of view for hassle-free target identification. Even at long distances, this device provides comfortable viewing and fatigue-free observation during long glassing sessions.

More importantly, this binocular brings to the table a long 18mm eye relief which makes it eyeglass-friendly. The compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry, while the LotuTec coatings remove any dirt, dust, fingerprints and water from the lens for clear views. Above all, the binocular is fully armored for long-lasting protection and waterproof so you can use it even when it’s raining.


  • 8x magnification and 42mm objective lens
  • 18mm eye relief
  • Wide field of view: 384 feet at 1000 yards
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • LotuTec Water shedding outer coatings
  • Fully armored and waterproof
  • Rotating and lockable eyecups
  • Robust construction
  • Superior low-light performance

6) Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular

Bushnell Legend



Next on our list is the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular. This model has so many features that makes it excellent for hunting. For starters, it has an ultralight design that makes it easy to carry in the field. Then it has a camp print that reduces glare during the day and camouflages your hunting position.

With the ultra-wide field of view, this product helps you monitor moving game with ease and ensures easy target acquisition for accurate shot placement. The long eye relief accommodates eyeglass wearers and also reduces eye fatigue during long viewing sessions. Better yet, you can  mount it on a tripod for snug, hands-free observation.

This binocular is built to handle everything that comes its way. It’s O-ring sealed for total moisture protection and nitrogen purged to prevent fogging and remove internal moisture. It also features RainGuard HD water-repellent coating that sheds dirt and moisture to give you clear views even when it’s raining. On top of that, it features exceptional optics with ED prime glass for bright and vivid images from dawn till dusk.


  • RealTree AP Camo
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction
  • Ultra-wide field of view
  • Long eye relief
  • 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens
  • Lightweight magnesium chassis
  • Soft touch grips
  • ED prime glass and Ultra-Wide band coatings
  • Durable construction
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Twist-up eyecups

7) Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x50mm Binocular

Leupold BX-4



The Leupold BX-4 10x50mm Binocular is your ideal pair for low light hunting situations. It has a Twilight Max HD Light Management System which gives you 30 minutes of additional glassing light at dawn and dusk. It also boats high-quality lens coatings which facilitate maximum light transmission and BAK4 prisms which provide crisp, clear and distortion-free images

This binoculars features an aluminum frame that enhances durability while keeping weight at a minimum. The whole products weighs just 28 ounces, so you’ll have an easy time carrying them in the field. Besides, it has an open bridge design that provides an ergonomic grip for comfortable holding during long viewing sessions.

As a high-end binocular, the BX-4 Pro is built to provide many years of field use. It has a rubber armor coating that gives you a firm grip in all conditions and a rugged housing which stands up to any beating. It’s also waterproof and fog proof for all-weather performance.


  • HD glass
  • Durable yet lightweight aluminum housing
  • Fully waterproof and fog proof
  • Rubber armor coating
  • Twilight Max HD Light Management System which
  • 8mm eye relief
  • Twist-up eyecups
  • 10x magnification
  • Ergonomic, open-bridge design
  • Precision focus adjustments

See Also

How to Choose the Best Hunting Binoculars under $1000

Binoculars in this price range are great investments. Therefore, you’ll want to have a pair that’s feature-rich and well-made. Here are the important factors you should put into consideration in order to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Quality Construction

Quality should always come first when shopping for any pair of hunting binoculars. When hunting, you are going to subject the binoculars into different conditions. They might get hit by a branch of tree or fall accidentally on a rock.

Having a pair that’s made from high-quality materials ensures that it stands up to everything that comes its way. Make sure that the binoculars you choose to buy come with a rubber armor. It not only cushions the binocular from falls, impacts and bumps, but it also protects it from weather elements and makes it hard for slippage to happen in wet conditions.


Magnification is the other vital factor you should consider when shopping for the best hunting binoculars under $1000. Magnification shows how close an object will appear when you use binoculars compared with when you view it with your naked eyes.

Typically, best hunting binoculars under $1000 either 8x or 10x magnification. 8x models offer a wider field of view and are usually more compact and lightweight. 10x models on the other hand bring you closer to the target, but sacrifice the field of view.

Objective Lens

This is the second number after magnification in binoculars specification. It is measured in millimeters. The larger the objective lens, the more light is collected. The result is bright and vivid images even in low light situations. However, binoculars with ultra-wide objective lenses are not always the best for hunting. They are costly, heavy and cumbersome to carry around as look for game. Try to look for a model that has a 40 to 50mm objective lens.

Lens Coatings

Any binocular under this price range should have high-quality lens coatings. Lens coatings are very important in binoculars. They help facilitate optimum light transmission and reduce glare when hunting under broad daylight. The pair you choose to buy should have anti-reflective coatings at the very least. Also make sure that its lens surfaces are either fully coated or fully multi-coated.


When you are out in the field hunting, different weather conditions can strike. We all know how Mother Nature is always unpredictable. With a pair of binoculars that’s fully waterproof and fog proof, you will never have to worry about how it will perform or react in inclement weather. So, make sure that you choose a pair that’s O-ring sealed for total waterproof performance and nitrogen filled/purged to prevent internal fogging normally caused by rapid changes in temperature and humidity.

Field of View

The field of view in hunting binoculars varies from one model to the other. Field of view refers to the width of the picture you can see at a specific distance usually 1000 yards without moving the binoculars around. The best binoculars for hunting under $1000 offer a large field of view to ensure that nothing is left undiscovered. A large viewing angle also comes in handy when you monitor fast moving game.


  • Are 10×42 binoculars good for hunting?

Yes. 10×42 binoculars are perfect for hunting. They offer the perfect combination of magnification and objective lens which most hunters find suitable for most of their hunting needs.

  • What binocular magnification is best for hunting?

8x and 10x. If you intend to hunt in thick bushes where its difficult to spot a target that’s far away, a model with 8x will suffice. However, if you plan to hunt in wide and open fields where targets are quite far, 10x will do a better job at bringing the targets closer.

  • Are binoculars necessary for hunting?

Absolutely. Having a decent pair of binoculars will transform the way you hunt for the better. Having a clear view of the targets will help you place the shot accurately. Binoculars also help you track the animal smoothly after you have shot them.


It’s our hope that you have found this post insightful. If you are looking forward to making the most out of this hunting season, you should invest in any pair of hunting binoculars listed above. They all are dependable, efficient and durable optics made with hunters in mind. Grab any one of them and you’ll be surprised at how it will improve your odds of successful hunting this season.