7 Best Scope for Marlin 45-70

If you are looking for the best scope for Marlin 45-70, you have come to the right place. There are tons of rifle scopes available in the market today and in this article, we shed a light on the top contenders for the title best scope for Marlin 45-70.

The Marlin 45-70 is a well-balanced rifle that is known for its supreme reliability and accuracy. It was initially developed for military use but has grown to become a favorite for many seasoned hunters. It is ideal for hunting medium and big-sized game across different ranges in a variety of environments including dense timber.

When hunting game with a Marlin 45-70, a scope is an important piece of gear to have. This is irrespective of the game you are hunting or whether you are a seasoned hunter or not. A quality scope will get you closer to the distant targets, enhance your visibility in challenging hunting environments and make every hunt more competitive.

What Makes a Great Scope for Marlin 45-70

When buying a scope for Marlin 45-70, it is important to get a model that has all the attributes for your hunting style and habits. A great scope for Marlin 45-70 is made of several attributes which include:

Versatile Magnification

A good scope for Marlin 45-70 should have a versatile magnification power to cover all the distances you will be hunting with ease.

Crisp Reticle

Another important attribute of a great scope for Marlin 45-70 is crisp reticle for easy aiming and quick targeting.

Long Eye Relief

It is important to have a scope with a generous eye relief. The longer the eye relief, the more comfortable and safe the scope is to use with or without eyewear.

Low Light Visibility

Since the Marlin 45-70 is mainly used for hunting it is vital to have a scope with good low light visibility. This will enable precision shooting in the poor light conditions of dawn and dusk.

Lightweight Design

Last but not least, the best scope for Marlin 45-70 should have a lightweight design for convenient handling and easy portability.

Best Scopes for Marlin 45-70 – Our Top Picks

1) Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

best scope for Marlin 45-70



The Crossfire II 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is by far the best scope for Marlin 45-70 available on the market. It is an easy-to-use optic ideal for hunting and tactical operations at close to medium ranges.

The selling point of this rifle scope is optical finesse. Thanks to the fully multi-coated optics, it works really well in all lighting conditions. Furthermore, it employs professional grade optics which deliver incredibly bright and clear images across the 3-9x magnification range.

In terms of construction, this rifle scope is built with durability in mind. It features an ultra-sturdy 1-inch body tube that is built with aircraft quality aluminum. On top of the quality construction, the scope has a hard anodized finish which protects it from scratches and corrosion that causes rust.

Another impressive feature about this rifle scope is lightweight design. It weighs a mere 15oz for maneuverability convenience. Other than that, it features a generous eye relief that makes it eyeglass-friendly and a fast focus eyepiece for quick and easy focusing of the reticle.


  • Aircraft grade aluminum housing
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Adjustable objective
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shock proof
  • Single-piece 1-inch tube
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Capped reset turrets
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • 3-9x total magnification
  • Second focal plane reticle


  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient eye relief
  • Broad adjustment range
  • Great value for the price


  • Blurry around the edges

2) Athlon Optics Talos 4-16x40mm Rifle Scope

best scope for Marlin 45-70



When it comes to low light performance, the Talos 4-16x40mm Rifle Scope is hard to beat. It excels in poor lighting environments making it an ideal option for every hunter who prefers to go hunting at dawn or dusk.

The low light visibility is made possible by the large 40mm objective lens that enhances performance in low level light settings. On top of that, the lenses have premium anti-reflective coatings to amplify light transmission and provide extra protection from scratches.

To complement the optical finesse, the scope has a variable 4-16x magnification built in a second focal plane reticle. With the broad zoom range, you will have the flexibility to acquire targets with ease at any range.

Furthermore, the Talos 4-16x40mm Rifle Scope has a robust aircraft grade aluminum housing that is rigid enough to weather repetitive use and rough handling. The tube is also IPX-7 waterproof, fog proof and shockproof for all weather use.


  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • IPX-7 waterproof rating
  • 1-inch tube diameter
  • Fog proof and shock proof
  • 4-16x magnification range
  • Scratch proof matte finish


  • Lightweight
  • Great low light visibility
  • Cost effective
  • Clear glass


  • Short eye relief at max power

3) Primary Arms SLx Series 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

Primary Arms SLx Series



Primary Arms is an optics brand that continues to build a name in the industry of optics. It manufactures an array of premium-quality yet cost-effective rifle scopes and the SLx Series 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is no exception.

The scope harbors an array of features to deliver consistent performance in all situations. It has a variable 1-6x magnification power for use across different ranges and an ACSS Predator second focal plane reticle designed for hunting. The reticle has dual green and red illumination, and a Chevron which provides a precise point of aim.

Construction-wise, the scope is built with durability in mind. It is built in a 30mm tube from strength and toughness. The tube is crafted from a single-piece of 6063 aluminum and anodized to be fully scratch proof and non-reflective.

Moreover, this rifle scope has a lightweight design of 16.9oz, so it will not add any weight on your rifle. It also boasts reliable protection from all weather elements for operability even in harsh weather.


  • 1-6x magnification range
  • 6063 aluminum housing
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Hard coat anodized finish
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Red and green reticle illumination
  • 1/2 MOA adjustment click value
  • 30mm main tube


  • Illuminated reticle
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great glass
  • Great price


  • Short eye relief

4) Trijicon AccuPoint TR-20 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPoint TR-20



Fourth in our list of the best scope for Marlin 45-70 is Trijicon AccuPoint TR-20 3-9x40mm. Carrying the respected Trijicon name, this rifle scope comes with all the features you need to make every hunting expedition a success.

It is designed to provide hunters with a precise aiming point in low light. This guarantees confident aiming which is vital for accurate target acquisition. Furthermore, it has fully multi-coated lenses that amplify transmission of light in low light settings and enhance optical clarity from sunrise till sunset.

Trijicon optics are known for their ruggedized construction and this rifle scope is not any different. It has a sturdy 1-inch tube made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The quality make coupled with waterproof and fog proof design make this optic usable in all kinds of environments.

The other noteworthy features that make this rifle scope a good purchase include broad 50 MOA adjustment range, lightweight construction and a significantly spacious field of view.


  • 1-inch tube diameter
  • 3-9x total magnification
  • Fiber optics/ tritium illumination
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 1/4 MOA impact point correction
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • 50 MOA adjustment range
  • Non-reflective matte finish


  • Lightweight
  • Great battery-free reticle illumination
  • Solid and sturdy construction


  • Short eye relief

5) Burris Scout 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope

Burris Scout



Next up, we have Burris Scout 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope. If you are on a tight budget, this rifle scope suits you. It is affordable yet rich in features that are perfect for hunting and shooting applications.

The scope is built ready for outdoor use. It has a ruggedized aircraft grade aluminum housing that is durable without the bulk. On top of that, a double internal spring tension system is included to help the scope hold zero consistently through shock, vibrations and recoil.

In addition to the sturdy and durable construction, this rifle scope has positive steel-on-steel adjustments to ensure repeatable accuracy. It is also waterproofed and nitrogen filled to be fully fog proof.

Optically, the Burris Scout 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope employs high-grade glass elements which provides excellent brightness and color accuracy. On top of that, the lenses are fully multi-coated for low light performance and glare elimination in bright light.


  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume lens coatings
  • Double internal spring tension system
  • Finger-adjustable low profile turrets
  • Ballistic plex SFP reticle
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled
  • High grade optical glass
  • Precision-gauged assemblies
  • Positive steel-on-steel adjustments
  • Aircraft grade aluminum housing


  • Lightweight
  • Long eye relief
  • Good build quality
  • Wide field of view


  • No lens caps included

6) Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-Freedom



Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, marks out sixth recommendation for the best scope for Marlin 45-70. The scope is optimized for versatility to meet the needs of every hunter and gun enthusiast out there.

With a weight of 12.2oz, this rifle scope is lightweight, portable and very easy to shoot with. It offers a generous eye relief across the 3-9x zoom range for comfortable glassing from any shooting angle. Moreover, it comes with a Custom Dial System which you use to laser-etch the scope’s elevation dial to match your load, velocity and shooting environment.

Another impressive facet of the scope is rugged design. It features a robust 6061-T6 aluminum body with a matte black finish that is scratch resistant and non-reflective. Additionally, the scope is waterproof and fog proof for unmatched performance in all weather conditions.

To top it all off, the Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope employs a Twilight Light Management System, an optical system that makes it excel in low level light settings.


  • Second focal plane reticle
  • 1-inch tube diameter
  • Twilight Light Management System
  • 60 MOA adjustment range
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • 3-9x total magnification
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • 1/4 MOA finger click adjustment
  • Ruggedized 6061-T6 aluminum housing
  • Non-reflective matte finish


  • Generous eye relief
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable
  • Great glass quality


  • Flimsy windage adjustment dial

7) Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm



Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is another multi-functional optic that excels in low light settings. It is perfect for hunting and has an intuitive design that makes it straightforward to operate.

The selling point of this rifle scope is dusk and dawn brightness technology. This lens coating technology boost light transmission in low light and yields incredibly bright and clear images in all lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the scope is built to last. It is crafted with a single-piece tube that is sturdy enough to withstand rough handling as well as the wear and tear associated with repeated use. In addition to the quality make, the scope is filled with nitrogen and sealed to be fully fog proof, waterproof and dustproof.

And that’s not all. The Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope has a lightweight construction of 13oz only. It is therefore portable and highly effective at shaking off heavy recoil. Over and above that, it has a fast focus eyepiece for quick focusing of the reticle.


  • Multi-coated optics
  • One-piece 1-inch main tube
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • 100% waterproof, fog proof and shock proof
  • 3-9x variable magnification
  • 25 MOA impact point correction
  • Second focal plane Multi-X reticle
  • 40mm objective lens


  • Lightweight
  • Very forgiving eye relief
  • Great value for the price
  • Superb low light performance
  • Easy to use

Read Also

What Magnification Do You Need?

Magnification in a rifle scope determines how much closer you will be able to see the target compared to when you view it with naked eyes. It is represented by the first set of numbers before the “x” in a rifle scope configuration and it varies from one scope to the other.

For the best scope for Marlin 45-70, you can either get a fixed or variable power scope. Fixed power scopes are often simpler to use and good for shooting at constant ranges. Ideally, a fixed power scope with 3x, 4x or 5x magnification will do if you are in this bracket.

Variable power scopes on the other hand are good for shooting at varying ranges in different environments. With this type of scopes, a model with up to 9x is suitable for close and mid-range shooting while high powered scopes with 10x or 12x are ideal for long range shooting.

Best Scope for Marlin 45-70 Buying Guide

The following is a list of the most important things you should consider when looking to buy a scope for Marlin 45-70.


Durability is an important feature of every rifle scope. Generally, the type of material used to make the scope determines its overall durability.

Scopes made from hard wearing materials like aircraft grade aluminum or magnesium alloy are the most durable. They are able to withstand rough abuse and wear from repetitive recoil.

Eye Relief

The next thing to consider is eye relief. If you are buying a scope for the first time, eye relief is the specified distance from the scope’s eyepiece to your eye. It is an important attribute to consider especially if you put on eyeglasses.

Irrespective of the kind of shooting you will be doing, go for a scope that offers the longest eye relief. It will be snug to use during long shooting sessions and safe to shoot with heavy caliber rounds.

Glass Quality

The type of glass a scope uses determines the clarity, brightness and color accuracy of the sight pictures. For the best scope for Marlin 45-70, we recommend that you go for a model that employs the best glass elements you can afford. The scope should also have good lens coatings to boost light transmission and provide extreme optical clarity.


The accuracy of every rifle scope depends largely on the reticle. Getting a crisp, accurate and easy to use reticle is important for all hunting and shooting applications. It will boost your probability of taking an accurate shot and acquiring targets without too much hassle from your end.


Don’t forget to check the weight and size of the scope. The average weight of the best rifle scopes is 1.2lbs. For the best scope for Marlin 45-70, it is best to go for the lightest scope possible. It will be easy to maneuver with from one point to the other as you look for game. Lightweight scopes are also simple to use and straightforward to shoot with,

Care and Maintenance Tips for Marlin 45-70 Scope

Proper care and maintenance will not only elongate the lifespan of your rifle scope, but also keep in good shape to deliver the best outcome. Here a few care tips you should follow:

  1. Keep dust and moisture away from the scope
  2. Before use, clean the lens with a soft brush to remove the dust
  3. When the scope is not in use, make sure that it is fully dry before storage. Proper drying prevents rust formation on the turrets and other parts of the scope
  4. If you have an illuminated scope, remove the batteries before storage. This will go a long way to increase the battery longevity and prevent corrosion in the battery compartment


Hopefully, you have found this article on the best scope for Marlin 45-70 to be informative. With the right scope at hand, you will be able to make full use of your Marlin 45-70 rifle irrespective of the kind of shooting you will be doing. So, look at each scope in detail, see the attributes that make it a good purchase and choose accordingly.